The Power Supply System type PSS1250-HS-7-48-D is an anodized aluminum 19″ Rack unit (4U high) suitable for 4 plug-in Power Supply Modules type PSM1250 and 1 Overview module type PSO1250 for diagnostic functions. Four PSM1250 are divided in two groups and each group is composed by 2 PSM1250 with paralleled outputs and with load sharing circuits which distribute current load equally to each PSM1250 to increase reliability and reduce internal power dissipation. Therefore, each group provides 24Vdc and 50 A output with redundancy. Two groups have their outputs connected in series by internal copper bar, therefore PSS1250(-HS)-7-48-D system provides 48Vdc and 50 A output with redundancy. The system accepts up to two independent AC power sources with nominal voltage range 110 to 240 Vac (±10%).

Hot Swap Plug-ins:
When using rack PSS1250-HS-7-48-D, each PSM1250 power supply module can be placed without disturbing Power Supply operations.

Rack PSS1250-HS-7-48-D, accept a plugin module (PSO1250) dedicated to monitoring all diagnostic functions of each power supply, via a front panel touch screen LCD color display which indicates Input/Output Voltage, Current and Power; Input Line Frequency; Output current sharing percentage related to each group; Internal Temperature; alarm status. RS485 Modbus output provides full diagnostic and status conditions. PSO1250 presence or fault does not affect PSS1250 operation and functional safety application.

Overvoltage protection:
Each PSM1250 module has got 3 independent overvoltage protections: 1 voltage limiting loop at 30 Vdc and 1+1 crowbars at 30 Vdc. Therefore, PSS1250-HS-7-48-D system has 60 Vdc upper limit as maximum overvoltage protection value, considering series connection between overvoltage protections of both PSM1250 module groups.

Fully compliant with CE marking applicable requirements.

High load fuses breaking capability:
In case of short circuit on the load, the Power supply system delivers a very high peak current (about 800 Amp) for a duration of 0.5 ms. This characteristic ensures the instant breakage of the protective fuse or circuit breaker. Because of the very short peak current duration, other equipment connected to the load are not affected by the failure event and continue to operate without interruption.


– 2 universal AC Input Lines, 110 to 240 Vac (+/- 10%) (48 to 62 Hz)
– Power factor correction
– Hot swappable modules
– EMC Compatibility to EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4
– Highly regulated output of 48 Vdc, 50A, with 24Vdc out for each PSM1250 module
– Under and over voltage alarm monitoring, for each PSM1250 module
– 3 over voltage redundant protections, for each PSM1250 module
– For each group, redundant parallel connections of PSM1250 modules with load sharing
– Reduces Power dissipation (in parallel/redundant configuration for each group) by replacing a Schottky diode with Mosfet Active Ideal Diode
– 89% efficiency @230 Vac input and 48 Vdc output with full load
– PSM1250 fan speed control depending on ambient temperature and output power
– High load fuse breaking capability without interrupting operations
– 19″ Rack unit, 4 U high, anodized aluminum, durable metal enclosure
– Tropicalization for electronic components
– Modbus RTU RS-485 diagnostic output


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