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Omron MY4IN 24VDC General Purpose Relay

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Product features

  • Contact Configuration : 4PDT
  • Coil voltage : 24VDC
  • Communication Current : 5A
  • Product Range : My Series
  • Relay Assembly : Socket
  • Coil Type : Non Latching
  • Communication Voltage VAC : 250VAC
  • Relay Terminals : Quick Connect
  • Communication Voltage VDC : 30VDC
  • Contact Material : Silver Alloy
  • Coil Strength : 636 Ohm

Why use Omron MY4IN 24VDC?

The Omron MY4IN 24VDC is an industrial general purpose relay. It has a structure with 14 legs, test button and LED indicator. MY Series Relays have attracted your preference by offering unrivaled and best performance. These relays are environmentally friendly and manufactured to Omron’s high quality standards. In this way, it gives a long working process. In this working process, it gives you a better working environment by giving you confidence.

There is a two-way test button with color code that you can perform manual testing. The LED indicator lights green in DC coil voltage models and red in AC coil voltage models.

Make Offer

As Arya Automation Systems, we offer you this product in order to make you feel the quality and reliability of Omron brand. This model, which is among the first choices of users, will continue your work in the best environment. You can get information and offer about product supply from us. We think that we will provide the best information transfer.


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