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What is an Inverter?

The inverter is simply a converter. Let’s explain what converts. It is an electrical power conversion element. It obtains AC voltage by creating a certain variable from the voltage it receives from any DC source.

Where is the inverter used?

It is used to prevent system interruptions, fluctuations, unstable movements and to make the system work more efficiently. In addition, reactive energy is reduced to save money.

What Are The Benefits?

In fact, it is the name given to all devices that can convert between direct current and alternating current. You can convert 12V, 24V and 48V direct currents to 220V alternating current and set the frequency. You can set the quality of the electricity, AC-DC current type.


We can be in two different groups. The first is to convert the direct current source into an alternating current source. The second is to change the frequency or voltage of this alternating current. It can be connected to the mains or operated independently of the mains. There are four circuit elements in the inverter. These are frequency changer, rectifier, power circuit and automatic control elements.

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