About Us

With more than 10 years of market experience, our company provides the best service in the field of Industrial Automation and Control technologies with our new product groups. Adopting the principle of contributing to the development of our customers. Our company is an experienced and dynamic company operating in control and automation issues. Combining advanced technology with its experienced and developing staff. ARYA AUTOMATION today responds to all applications from the lowest level of the various automation systems to the highest control level. ARYA AUTOMATION, responds to the needs of automation Turkey gained the trust and support businesses. The basic features of the automation systems offered by our company are to optimize the resources used in accordance with the changing market conditions to increase economic and technical efficiency, to standardize quality, to improve working conditions and thus to increase productivity and profitability. 

Total Quality is our basic business principle and philosophy of life. Our policy is to meet the expectations of our domestic and foreign customers’ products and services with our continuously improving performance at low cost, error free and timely.

 Our company has all kinds for the brand no matter the Industrial Automation industry Electrical / Hydraulic / supply of pneumatic products with the fastest delivery options with competitive prices and is committed to providing customers in the absence of the products you need Turkey in stock, as soon as the product delivery with our partners abroad in order to avoid interruption in your customers’ production process. Our Mission; To provide high standard, quality service and to maximize customer satisfaction.

Every solution and production that we will provide for you has the capability to carry you to the highest level. With every information you get from us, you can feel safe. Because we strive to provide the most healthy and efficient materials for you. You can reach us at any time from our contact page or the numbers on our site. You should follow our blog posts. We give you the best information there.

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